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What types of PVC cards are available?
There are variety of types of plastic ID cards, including: PVC cards are the standard, most common type of plastic card. They are made of graphic-quality 100% PVC.
Composite PVC/PET cards are a combination of 60% PVC and 40% PET, a durable material with greater flexibility, more heat resistance, and a longer life than 100% PVC cards. Composite cards may be used in any ID card printer, but are specifically recommended for use in retransfer and laminating printers because of their resistance to warping under the high temperatures involved in these processes.
Earth friendly ID cards are made from 99% PVC that is fully biodegradable and leaves no damaging toxins behind. They maintain their integrity under normal, everyday use. Biodegradation takes place when the cards are in a fertile environment in which microorganisms are present.
Rewritable cards feature one side of the card that is PVC and may be printed with the standard dye-sublimation printing process of any ID card printer. The other side of a rewriteable card features a thermal printing surface. This side of the card can be erased and rewritten up to 500 times. Rewriteable cards are a cost-effective solution for printing cards that are used by an individual for a short period of time.
For example, you may issue a personalized rewritable card to a visitor, which is turned in to you at the end of the visit. The same card can then be erased and rewritten with personalized information for another visitor. Plus, since heat is used in thermal printing, you'll save money without the need to purchase ribbons.

Our blank PVC cards are the highest quality ultra graphics plastic cards. We guarantee all of our blank plastic cards will print in any business card printer. Also, we offer quick delivery time! These PVC cards can be used to make: a plastic gift card, a plastic business card, a plastic ID card, a membership card, a loyalty card, a fund raiser card, school ID card, photo ID card, Photo ID Badge, any ID Badge or ID card.
You can buy our blank plastic cards (blank PVC cards) for your business card printers,as well as card printer ribbons through Cardenjoy.com.
Our Blank PVC Cards List :
1:Standard Blank Cards ::
Blank ID cards are available in a variety of styles and thicknesses. A blank ID card is the canvas of your ID card program. Blank ID cards are typically made of durable PVC plastic and come in a variety of forms, from the very basic, to magnetic stripe cards and technology cards for high-security, multifunctional ID card programs.
2:Magnetic Stripe Cards ::
Information that is stored on magnetic stripe cards is stored as a pattern of positive or negative magnetic fields. Magnetic stripe technology is used across a variety of industries allowing organizations to equip ID programs with functions including cashless payment, access control, and time and attendance tracking.
3:Rewritable Cards ::
Designed for use with rewritable ID card printers, these blank cards feature a PVC back, and a white front that can be rewritten over and over again. With a rewritable card printer, you can literally erase and rewrite the information on your ID cards. Rewritable ID cards are available with or without magnetic stripe. Aside from cutting supply costs, rewritable ID cards are also environmentally friendly because they reduce card and maintenance-related waste.
4:Access Control Cards ::
For ID badges that double as access control cards, consider using proximity cards. Proximity cards use RFID chips or an embedded antenna that simply requires you to wave the card in front of a reader to gain access. No physical contact with the reader is necessary, which means your cards will last longer than magnetic stripe cards used for the same application.
5:Visual Security Cards ::
Visual security cards offer enhanced security for your ID card program. These cards feature embedded holograms or holographic seals that increase the visual authenticity of your ID cards. Using visual security cards like Magicard HoloPatch cards and Fargo HoloMark cards make your printed badges virtually impossible to illegally duplicate.
6:Adhesive-Back ID Cards ::
Adhesive-back cards, also called sticky-back cards, are typically used with technology cards that are too thick to run through some ID card printers. Card information is first printed on the thin, adhesive-back cards and then affixed to a thicker technology card. As a rule of thumb, order only the same brand of cards as your printer. The cards are different thicknesses and have different backings, and will often not work with other ID card printers.
7:Specialty PVC Cards ::
To suit the varying security and functionality needs of different organizations, a host of specialty PVC cards exist that can make your cards easier to use, more secure, and more durable. Available specialty cards include key tags, signature panel cards, barcode mask cards, and paper cards.
8:Earth-Friendly ID Cards ::
Earth-friendly cards are made from recycled or renewable materials such as recycled plastic or BioPVC. Using Earth-friendly blank card stock helps reduce waste while conserving nonrenewable resources.
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