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What is a proximity card?
Proximity cards, also known as "prox cards" or "proxy cards," provide access and security without requiring insertion into a reader. They are a type of RFID card that contains an antenna and an ID chip embedded within the card. These cards interact with a proximity card reader to grant access or capture information.
This contactless approach makes these cards an excellent solution for many security and access applications, including parking lot access control, restricting access to secure areas and general building access. Because the cards do not need to be inserted or swiped, they are unaffected by snow, ice or rain, making them more reliable than magnetic stripe cards and perfect for outdoor use.
Cardenjoy.com offers a wide selection of prox cards and accessories to suit all kinds of access control and security needs.
how exactly does a proximity card work?
To begin with, you may have noticed that proximity cards are a little thicker than your standard ID badge or credit card. This is because integrated circuitry is embedded and sandwiched between several plastic layers. This circuitry communicates with other devices such as time clocks using a special radio / wireless frequency.
Most proximity cards are powered by using resonant energy transfer in conjunction with a passive chip that is found inside the proximity card itself, although some are powered using small batteries. Non-powered proximity cards typically have a smaller storage capacity than powered cards.
Resonant energy transfer, used in non-powered proximity cards, is very similar to RFID technology and transponder technology found in many modern car keys. This allows the card to operate without have any battery inside. The proximity card reader emits pulses of a wireless radio frequency that the built-in passive chip uses to power the proximity card.
One of the biggest advantages of proximity cards is convenience. They operate by holding the card anywhere from 0-3 inches in front of the card readers. There is no password or special keypad interaction. It is that easy, and for that reason, proximity card are huge for use with building security, time cards and for a variety of business applications.

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